Thursday, July 17, 2008

Recycle Day! lol
Our class did not prepared yet our monitor asked everyone of us bring along 1kg newspaper. But
what.. Only two or three fellows brought it! lmao
Yep, my friends and i want to skip classes , so we went to look at our newspaper.
Nice to hear is to look at our class newspaper, so what happened to my class last year wont
happen today for my class :) Heh.
Then Miss Ong Popo came =.=' "What the.."
Well then, 4 of us separated to other class cause she said that only 2 person for a class.
luckily she dont kno luh~ =P Hoho.
Wow, i think the champion will be form6 students. Not sure wat class.
178kg. And my sister's class, how good their form teacher. She sponsor them the file-file, folio-folio that we students did it. So so so many.. 113 kg there got there. If not wrong ;)
My sis insisted that they will get the prize. duh~
We'll see who are the champion :)
For my class, get outta here ~ lol

Today my class' teachers all look like in a good humor.
Not like those days. =.=' So irritating..
last day of our temporarily Add math Sir. [Botak]
He told us alot of ghost stories that happened at our skool.
Really bloodcurdling! Eww.. =X
When the bell ring, all of us,we gathered together and talk about our ghost stories. Eww agn.
How i hope TBA absent! But.. yeah yeah, she did come! =.=' After 1st period over.

RAINBOW :D I took this after tuition. Heeh :)

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