Thursday, July 15, 2010

出水芙蓉 The Fantastic Water Babes

We had 3 hours break this morning until the next lecture. So bunch of us decided to watch movie to kill the time. We've awaited " 出水芙蓉 The Fantastic Water Babes " for quite a long time since we saw the very interesting trailer. And so, this is the day!

We were afraid that the cinema would be full because its a new movie, but then it's empty and there were only 8 of us with around another 5 (maybe) people. Maybe it's because today is not weekend and it's still early ba ;)

Okay, the movie starts! The intro of the movie like some kind of ghost movie ==''
Hmm, the movie is very funny and I laughed most of the time. It's stupid and not logic!
Especially the ending part..
seriously, the ending of the movie sucks, I dont like it!
I do not encourage you to watch this in cinema, please.
If you really wan to watch, Buy a DVD will do :) Dont watch it in cinema, really, it does not worth it.
But, if you like the actors/actress (Alex Fong/ Gillian) until you gonna die, perhaps? Hmm.. you can go and enjoy the big screen and see the actor/actress face much more bigger :)

Well, overall the movie is not really interesting.
It's not logic at all! But it's funny, most of us LOL in the cinema.
My rating for the movie is 5/10 :)

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