Sunday, July 18, 2010


Another long awaited nice movie! :) starring by Leonardo DiCarprio from Titanic!

When I watched the trailer, I thought that it is a movie about the end of the world since the trailer is much showing the building collapse, avalanche... something like that.
Well, it's nothing about the end of the world. The movie is about Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCarprio), he and his team have the power to enter into the dreams of others. He is a thief actually. He enters into the person dreams to get something.

This is what I get from the movie, if they get hurt in the dream, they will experienced pain in real, but if they die in the dream, they will wake up from the dream. Yeah, they get into the dream very often, to make sure that they are whether awake or dreaming, the dreamers use something called "totems", he make it spins and if it is not falling, that means that he is in dream. Well , the movie is nice! Only the front part is quite... boring. It starts getting interesting in the middle part :)

Yeh, this one you can watch it in cinema! haha!

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