Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What happened?

Nowadays, I kept saw some of my facebook friends shared those sexy or naked photo thru Facebook.
Sexy photo which indicate the girl wears bra and snap snap snap.
(Bra is different compare to Bikinis okay?)
What happened? This had become some kind of trend perhaps?
Oh please the ladies out there, stop taking those photos! I really dont kno what their mind are thinking.
IF you really took this kind of photo, please keep it privately :)
A kind of art too yeh?
Most probably those naked photos are not posted by the party, she's the victim.
Who the hell so stupid would show their naked body to public?
But really, girls are real daring to do this kind of thing eh? I've never saw a guy did this =.=''

And for those who posted their photos, that's people's privacy, they could sue you anytime! Where's your principle btw? And for those who kept sharing the photos in Facebook, stop releasing it. Respect the victim and it's kind of good deed, too. If the girl take that matter too hard, and then commit suicide, you're one of the murderer. In fact, it dirty your walls, too.

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