Friday, October 01, 2010

Curriculum D:

Why am I still awake at the time like this?
Guess what? All of this is because of the Co-curricular Courses Online Registration for our semester 2!
I stay up late is because of thisss!

We were suppose to register for the Badminton. (I even brought my badminton racket from my hometown)
But wtf it's full in a blink of eye!
I am waiting for the registration before 00:00 already lor!  The TAR College's page lag like hell! :X 00:00 already cannot load it smoothly. We were so nervous when it goes page by page... So chi kek! :X You'll never kno how I feel! hahah

My friends are already in the last step's page, they are waiting for me cuhs I'm not there yet. But when I successfully registered for the Badminton course, my other friends needed to log in again because they waited for me for too long! I felt so guilty can! So dropped off my badminton course :) I dont wanna be alone without their accompanied too :P hehe. It wont be fun without them.

So we registered for Squash which had only a few lil kittens. hahaha
I dont kno why lor. Squash is fun too right? We'll see then :D

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