Sunday, October 03, 2010


After lunch, 3 of us had no where to go.
Since Joevy had date with her friends @Pavilion Shopping Mall, why not follow her along instead of  ''fa mei'' at home? :) 

Yes, toilet again.
We just like to take pictures when there is a big mirror! ;)

Souvenirs from Dann :) So kawaii right?

Was trying to take a picture which look like we're wearing the the CheongSam. & u can see that, epic fail! LOL.

Joevy went to met up her friends so the lonely 3 of us go sit sit @Snowflakes.
To have something to eat :)

Tadaaa! Here we are!

 Our ordered.

Our yengzai Louise! (Don't too happy nah) 

Amelie, what are u thinking? Hello?
Looks like she was lovelorn.

Me and a lost tooth. :P Muahahaha.

 Here goes Louise~ hahaha!
Epic face expression! LOL

Searching for more pearls~~ haha 

Head on to Timesquare after that. (I've no idea why we went there :/)
Not shopping also. So we just walked around.

End up all of us go for games! :D

 Wow she's fast, but not that fast. hahaha.

OMG I used to play this when I were still a lil girl!
If i'm not mistaken, my sisters and I always played this at Genting Highlands :))
That was a long long time ago stories. hehe

Joevy and I cannot stand it when seeing both of them are swaying.
Especially Amelie. The one she sat on had a problem and the motor in the game is not moving.
She keeps swayed and swayed. I had recorded the video and it always make me laugh out loud when I watched it.

 Seeeee, they are so serious and pay so much attention on it!
Never see u girls acted like this when studying! :P 

We had left 1 more token and dont kno what to play.
Saw this Candies Machine and we hit upon a sudden idea to get 1 more token to get the candies!
But guess what? We get nothing for the 1st time.
But we're not willing to give up, changed more tokens for another play.

 & this is what we get for the 2nd play! LOL :P

We're getting more and more excited and changed more and more tokens =.='''
Just to fulfill ourselves cuhs we're not reconciled to the results we get.

Our candies after so many plays =.=''' hahaha

Louise went back, another 3 of us had out dinner @Sweet Chat cafe. 

The dinner is satisfying :)
Went home!

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