Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy 18th ”鸟生蛋“

Finally I'm free to update my blog!
I dont kno what I'm busying with this few days but I just got no time to update :P
So this is a late post for Weihoong's birthday ;)
Okay why I titled "鸟生蛋" ? FYI, his surname is Tan and we had this nickname for him since secondary skool, from a tuition center if i'm not mistaken. Okay not important, you guys dont wanna kno.

The birthday boy!
Okay, the 1st photo's present is not from us but from his coursemates. 
(tumpang the present nah, like this just nice mah got cake got present xP Muahahaha)

Birthday one and me. (I kno he is very happy can take solo photo with me) Muahahaha xP
*slap me*

This picture got feel ! Simply like it :) haha!
Saw you really need to get a DSLR camera d. So got the skill ! xP 

LOL. You guys just like to act! Okay very sexy~! 


Lucky boy. Another solo picture with me. Muahahaha! *double slap* 

Group photos.

The waitress. She's also one of the Tarc student :)
She said she saw me at college before. (Hmm, feels good when someone recognized you but you dont kno the person hahaha!)

Okay I'm a drinker too.
(Nah~ just take a photo with a bottle of Carlsberg cannot meh? See beside it got a cup of Hot honey lemon or not? )
Actually I wanted to show that I drink in this photo one, but the one who help me took this picture never ask me to move away the so-obvious-Hot-Honey-Lemon thats why lah. "Pua kang" ady so I'm forced to tell the truth lor!

Look delicious right? 
Hah! You thought that I'm going to write, "Look delicious but not delicious" ler?
No lor, look delicious and it's delicious! Muahahaha!
*triple slaps*

Okay lar, I've got five slaps in this post d.
I'm just too bored. *Teeheee*

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