Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thanks God It's Friday :)

I love Friday!

Random photos @ Sungei Wang Green Box :)
Rarely seen that Louise & Zixuan joined us but they made it that day! whaoo! xP
What a miracle ;D

I kno u guys was like "Photo in toilet again! Hah! Girls~~


@Ichiban Ramen. 

Pavilion :) 

Muahahaha! I laughed non-stop when posing for this one.
It's embarrassing owkay? :P 
Purposely wait until lesser people just took one. LOL
But I like it! :D hahah

Head on to 鸟生蛋Cafe after that :) 
"Nelson Tan" It really exist! Hahaa!

Wooden blocks :) This is the 1st time we'd played for so long and never drop xP

Figure it out. "Hmmm... this is not easy... Which one should I take?

A Yay! Obviously she succeed. 
When it's the other's turn, how we wish the blocks fall ! But it never falls and came back to us.
But at last we play fraud xP Cuhs there's no more stacks to be made.

  & tadaaa! Dont jealous nah xP LOLOL.

So the tall! Oh mai god! It's the height of 3 tablespoons! xD Amelie measured it. hahaha!

I had great fun tonight with u girls :)
& you girls were lucky tonight! xP If u get what I meant!

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