Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day out, Uniqlo.

Uniqlo in Fahrenheit 88, here we come! :))
Heard a lot of people are talking about Uniqlo, Uniqlo... 
We went, we dont wanna be Katak di bawah tempurung mah XD
Inilah Uniqlo, the innovative brand from Japan, which everyone was talking about!
Okay, not as many people as the 1st opening day :)
It needs hours queuing outside to get into the shop at the 1st day! Insane!
Thats why we brought ourselves here to see what so special. Hmmm....

Limited Offer! Uniqlo's high quality Jeans @ only RM49.90 :)
Well my friend wanted to shop for jeans but hardly could found her size right, plus they are mostly high rise, me no likey.

Waaaah, so colorful :)

T-shirts with simple designs.

Mickey! Simple and nais :)

Well, that's not really very special for us anyway.
It's just like a simple shop with lots of clothes.
and of course, big sales right there. What u waiting for? ;)
Fulled up your bag with your favourite clothes and ready for CNY :D

Christmas decorations in Fahrenheit 88.

Muahahaha, I dont kno why, just feel weird w/ this two photos. LOL
The atmosphere that time even weird! hahah. 

Models and a chicken's model :) 

See the gigantic decoration behind us?
Guess what are those blinkies ?
They are all discs. Yes, CDs made Christmas tree. Awesome ;)
Or I shall call it a Christmas "CDs" ?  

Oh right, There's a weird aunty asked me something stupid.
Here's how the conversation go,
Weird Aunty :" bin dou hai Feirenhait ah?"
Me :" Li dou dou zao hai Farenheit ah.."
Weird Aunty :" Mm hai laaah! Li dou bin hai Feirenhait jekkk... Mm hai laa mm hai laa...
She then walk away =.='''

I was like... "Not meh? we're not at Fahrenheit now?" *look at my friend* 
Make me confused =.='''

Hello, you're in Fahrenheit now aunty!

Head on to Pavilion which locate just opposite Fahrenheit.
Wanted to take photos but there are just too many people around. 
Maybe the other day then ;)

Sticky @ Pavilion! :D
Sticky the hand made candy which taste so nice can die's candy :)

They're showing the guests how they make the candies :)
Yes everyone can see.

Lots of nice flavors you can choose :)
You even can request them to make the design u like :)

Mixed rocks candies :)

Hey where are you looking? Look at the camera you! 

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