Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rapunzel :D

RAPUNZEL, A Tangled Tale
It's swashbuckling animated musical comedy. I rated ***** 5 stars for this :D
We laughed all the way in the cinema like we're at our house!
We always do. hahaha!

Flynn Rider, "They just can't get my nose right!"

Evil fake mother who stole Rapunzel when she was a baby.
"Mother ~~~ knows best!" *evil laugh*
Well, I don't think this phrase is right.
Sometime mother don't know :/ *teehee*

The funny horse which always acted like a dog!
Funny character throughout the movie ;)

Muahahaha! Pascal, the sooo cute can die Chameleon! Rapunzel's pet :D 
My favourite character in the movie. hahaha! 
看看它那无奈的表情, 笑死我! XD

"Don't you do that!" (Behave!) 


OKAY, this is a must to watch this!
Well, not a must lah, but highly recommend you guys to watch it! :)

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