Monday, November 01, 2010

Genting Highland :D

Suddenly decided to blow blow wind at Genting :)
And I've never know that accident happened the day before until my friend told me :X
Well, it still doesn't affect us. haha

Muahahaha, MINE!
"How I wish they were mine :'( "

While waiting for the Pirate's ship.

Woohooo~ Flying chair!
I like this a lot! Twice in a day ;D

Retards. Retarded :D

Dinosaur Land. 
Too bad we cant get to ride it beeeeecause its raining =.='''

@the Crazy Space Lab, i think :/
eh dont ever go to visit this space lab i tell u. sipe lame lor!
FYI, this is the 1st time I visit the so call CRAZY Space lab.
Well its really crazy if u visit it xP 

Yess, YER for this photo. LOL xP

Space Shot! So nais :D

It's gettin dark. So nais also :)

Had a great 1 day trip with'em :D
Ignore those unhappy section.

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