Monday, December 20, 2010

Co-cu day :)

Its the day! 
Actually it's not the big day for me but perhaps for our teammates :)
Glad to have them as my teammates! :D
You guys did a very very good job! *claps clapsss*

The competition started from 8 and end at 5. What a day! LOL.
The longest time ever.
We took some pictures while the others are competing.

Peakhui & me :)

Classrep and two cuties. Muahahaha *slaps*

Ok la Amelie u are the tallest in this photo.

The same course, the same group and the same co-cu's group!

Terrence, lenglui baoxin, Fuiyan, Me & Peakhui :)

My team! Viccccccctory!  ^__^ v

Runner up & the Champion! :)
*eheeem* Yeaaah, We are the champion! Yess Victory's victory! :D
FYI, I tumpang sajaaa. hahaha!

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