Saturday, December 11, 2010

First Impression.

What is ur first impression of me?
I've been asking some of my friends, what's their first impression of me.
and they gave me the same answer, I look gentle, the quiet and study typed girl. This is their answer when they 1st met me, 1st knew me.
well, I would not deny it anyway, they just telling the truth! :X hahaha!
Naaah, their first impression of me is totally blindfolded by my face, perhaps you, too?

I can be gentle, for a certain time.
I can be quiet, for a certain time.
Errr I can be the "study-typed" when the exam is around the corner :S

But when u get to kno me more, u'll definitely take away the gentle and quiet to describe me.
Ooops, just when I'm with my girls. haha!
And now, they keep complaining that they had been fooled by my appearance. LOL
No worries, the complaining is not the real complain. haha

Because, the same thing happened to me! xP

Well, it's awkward when you enter into the hall without anyone u know! (1st Semester)
Find a seat and sit down! Okay when I'm going to sit beside the girl, I gave her a big grin. Is that weird?
I'm just showing my friendliness. Hahaha! Like that people just won't scare of you mah.
You kno, there are those who looked fierce and the others will think that u are hard to get along with and stay apart from u :X oh of course not me. I'm very easy to get along but I'm quite passive. *teehee*

Well, If I don't smile, she'll thinks that I'm unfriendly, hard to get along with me.
If I just smile, she'll thinks that I'm friendly ONLY.
So I gave her a big grin, then she'll thinks that I'm super friendly. So much more easier to get along with me. HAHAHA! Gaah, I just simply twisted.

One might look kind but in there he's guailan.
One might look nice but in there he's an evil.
One might look lansi but in there he's a good one.
One might look quiet but in there he's noisy like omgwtf.
First impression would never tell u all about a person.

Never judge a book by it's cover :)
How things look on the outside of us never is how things are on the inside of us.
Sometimes, appearance is deceiving.

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