Thursday, April 28, 2011

KimSooHyun, 我的新欢 :)

KimSooHyun from Dream High!
Dream High is a nice drama indeed :D and watching drama is the best way to kill time.
Or else I would be rotted.
And I'm falling in love with SongSamDong (KimSooHyun) in the drama! HAHA

SEE how cute is he!

Hmmm the first look of him in the beginning.
Well he still looks cute with the curly hair k! :D

And become like this! Awww.. Cuter!

AND when he become yue lai yue famous (in the drama)//
帅Ah! 很cool 下!

And I wanna show u all this one!
From one of the Dream High's episode. When they are required to dance with the topic they've chosen. And the coach asked them to imagine.
The bird part make me LOL max. Especially SongSamDong's imitation of bird. HAHAHA!
Enjoy :D

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