Thursday, June 09, 2011

Happy birthday babyHui ! :D

The birthday girl Peakhui :D 
Happy 19th birthday!

Had a small celebration with the gang @Delicious. Venue decided by the birthday girl :)

Me likes this photo! :D 

Me & the pretty birthday princess :D

Okay solo picture of course! *teehee*

*I wish zhiyee become prettier and prettier....*
Awwww thanks! :D HAHAHA!

It's hard to ask her to bite the candle. (¬_¬) 
But she MUST, as we insisted. Haha!

Family photo! Happy family XD

The only guy.

Had a great celebration with the gang, small and simple but had lots of fun! :)

*ehem ehem* My day is near! :D 

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