Saturday, August 06, 2011

Sweet sweet moment ah! :3

I love to be home! :)
wokay this is also another late post teehee.

 Had breakfast with my family and bf. My sis's bf treats! Aha :D

Mmmm... DimSum @ Renaissance Hotel.

dengdeng... :3

What so funny? Forgotten what were we talking about. hehe

Happy family! :D

My sis & I ;)

Awww simply like this photo. Got feel right! Hahaa xD

Plan to go to 双龙庙 and Pantai Irama in the evening with the sisters. But then there are hell many people at Pantai Irama and the reason idk why. So, plan canceled and went home.

Balloons and us. Sister requested us to buy the heart shaped balloon and some bubbles. Blow some balloons in the car and some of the 3 burst! and idk why too. 

We thought we could take nice photos with the balloon and the bubbles at Pantai Irama but end up... yeah...
Plan screwed up. 

The sisters.

Okaayy she just like to appear in our photo. SEE! 
There're more actually.... haha

And so, balik rumah blow bubbles loh! 

WOW! Nicey me likey! :D

 Ooops! There's A BUBBLE, at least? haha

It's looks like snowing aye? haha
Okay lah obviously they are bubbles. 

Before dinner, some photos of 3couples :D A decent one! 

Say Cheeeeeese! :D

Actually we snapped quite a lot until this perfect one.
My sis sets her camera to 10seconds and she mentioned, dont move for 2seconds after we heard a "click" sound.
The failed one is because he or she move and he or she is blurred. So, it's not easy aye. Haha

Had a very very nice day, and yeah, sweet sweet moment yo aha! XD

It's late now and I better go to bed NOW!
Night :)

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