Sunday, August 21, 2011

Surprise!! :D

Update first before head to my lovely bed, it's always so tempting :P

So... it's a lil surprise for our friend aka lil nana.
Okay, why we addressed her as nana? It's easy, she's banana ( you kno what it means. Oklah it's a chinese who dont kno chinese in case some of you dont kno .__. )  Well, it's not nice to call someone as banana, banana... so we just addressed her as Nana, nana... (Not the KimNaNa from CityHunter. "Ni jiu xiang..." )

Back to the topic. We planned this the day before her birthday (When we were reading like crazy then suddenly came out with this heart-warming idea :O ) 
Eh u kno, two pretty girls walk to her house in the midnight very dangerous one okay :P HAHA! (Oh ya, she stays near our place. Sama sama condo saja)

From my previous update, we've had already celebrate for her. So she wouldnt expect us to celebrate for her the 2nd time. 
But we are just toooooooo nice! ( Love us more please Amelie ) 12am sharp, reached her place and when she opened the door, there goes the birthday song! :D

Setting up the candle lights. Damn ganjeong one that time! HAHA

Surpriseeeee! :D

Okaayy, two surprises at once! Naiiiis!

Amelie likes cake! There you go, two cakes to you! :P

Very nice pose Amelie :) Hahaa!

Mmmmm~ Just looking at it mood also become good! HAHA!

Actually she knew all this earlier when I text her and asked her where she was and I wanted to get the complete answers for some exercises from her. (To make sure she is home mah) Because it is rare that I would ask her where is she and moreover get the answers from her :P 
Whatever, as long as she is happy right? XD hehe
Stayed up until 2 something at her place despite that we are having exam on the following days. 

Alright, time to sleep. Gonna get up earlier for revisions tmr! 
Last but not least, Happy 19th Birthday (ohhh consider it's 17th Aug on this post) and all the best for your exam! :D

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