Thursday, July 03, 2014

Scotland ♥ Edinburgh

3 days 2 nights Scotland trip completed! This was a super last minute trip and it went out well! We had always plan for a short trip in Malaysia but it never succeed, was just saying always and no one was gonna plan for it. This time was super last minute, really. HOW?! 

We found out that we were so free on that coming weekend, started to plan on Monday, online check for those hotels and transportation, purchased and off we go! We had our railcards done in that week too. We got ourselves Two-Together Railcard which both of us must always travel together and cost each of us 15 pounds. Railcards holder get cheaper deals for the train. Everything done in just a week. So the transportation part is quite pricey or else we would managed to get a cheaper price. Transportation fee in the UK is the bomb, especially train. Ugh. 

Here's our railcard cover.

Very useful information! 
We were searching for bus fares around the city and one of my friend found this on our railcard's cover. Lol sorry I've never read it after I get it hehe. 

PLUSBUS is an all day ticket which cost 2 pounds and most of the buses accepted PLUSBUS. It's super worth as if you purchase all day ticket in that particular destination, it would be 3.50 pounds for an all day ticket, or 1.20 pounds single. *but you must have your train tickets to purchase PLUSBUS :)

We hopped on the train at 5am and reached Edinburgh around 10 something. 

Here we are at our lovely apartment with very friendly host! 
We had to take bus to our apartment which need around 20 minutes from the city. But the place was really convenient as the apartment is just 2 minutes walk to the bus station! 
It's Mackenzie's Bunks in case you wanna know. AND it's seaside located so it's friggin cold in the morning Lol

But the first time was really stupid lah. When we first reached, we dont know where is the apartment as it's a housing area with all the beautiful English terrace house. Unlike hotels we could searched it easily. We missed a lot of the stations and we had to walk the opposite way back to our apartment (around 15 minutes?) by using Louise's google map. Thank you GoogleMap you really helped us alot in this vacation! Lol


The garden. 

Very comfy bunks bed and the design make us feel warmth. 

The toilet. 
Some more the owner provide books in case you wanna read when u pangsai. hahaha

The hotel-liked bath room.

Fridge and cutlery provided. 

TV and wifi.
I LOVED EVERYTHING HERE! :D We're glad we never make the wrong choice!
The owner gave us really clear instructions about his apartment and provided us a city map which we actually need to pay for it in the City. 

We rest for awhile and the very friendly owner asked us if we would like to have a ride with him to the City Center as he was going over there too. OF COURSE! Lol Yay the very first car ride in the UK! Some more FREE tour guide for a while. At least better than nothing right. haha

He dropped us some where around the City Center and went off.  

 This cute restaurant's name attract my attention, Oink Lol

Quite attractive and it smells goooooood. But we just had our lunch so we came back for it for our dinner hehe.

Edinburgh Castle. 

Red Telephone Booth. 
Genting macam got something like this eh? 

Bobby! Knows the story about this little Terrier? I saw people sharing on the Facebook before. 
It was about Bobby, spending 14 years protecting his owner's grave until he died himself. How touching is that? :') Actually I also never know about that Bobby was in Edinburgh until one of my friend told me LOL

The Bobby statue.

Continue to walk around Edinburgh :)

Thanks friendly owner for the CityMap. Suuuuuuper useful know why? It not only could show us the way to our destination also, I could use it for protecting me from the rain. It rains a little in the afternoon. HEE

 Nice sleeping posture man. HAHA

 A self-timer group photo with the Scott Monument! Love it :D

Read it. 

Man in skirt aka kilt. 

So this was the pork burger I mentioned above. Hmm which was just okay I think. Both of us shared one. 

Take bus to Royal Botanical Garden after that.

 Here we are! We only left around 30 minutes to explore around the garden as its closing time is 6pm and we're there at 5.30pm LOL never checked the time HAHA
So we were quite rush in the garden capture some photos and zao.

Pretty flowers! There are more but too bad we had to leave :( 

We get on bus and back to the City to buy some breakfast for the next morning and then back to our lovely apartment!
This was a really nice trip with my girls and we had lots of fun! :D

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