Thursday, December 04, 2014

Europe Trip: Florence, Firenze :) #6

We speed towards Tuscany capital, Florence in the morning.  

Visit Adrimar which is one of the most famous leather shop with handcrafted products and items from high designers companies. 

They offer wide range of own high quality products, you can find bags, purse, leatherwear, also accessories. Prices very "nice" also lo. Haha!

Cupola del Brunelleschi, I dunno how to pronounce the Bru-nel-le-schiii ?

Florence Cathedral, the main church of Florence.


Ponte Vecchio.

Super gloomy day. Raining soon... We were having our lunch inside the restaurant before it started to rain. The sound of the "rain drop" hitting the roof were so loud and I just thought that the rain was really really really big until we came out from the restaurant, we saw snow-liked thing on the floor. 

This was the first time I saw hail but not experienced it haha. Feeling lucky that time we were inside and avoided the hailstorm. Lol 

Fountain of Neptune at Piazza Della Singnoria (Singnoria Square)
Hello Poseidon. I thought he was David at first HAHA

Err what? Failed hahaha!

Palazo Vecchio which known as Old Palace. 
Can you spot David at the back? So that's David on the left Hahaha

Another statue of Michelangelo's David. 
All I remember was the effing hot weather. Italy was quite hot that time when we were visiting. Cincincaicai take a few photos at the top then back into the bus. Hehe

One of the cincincaicai photo. Not bad too ma... hahha XD

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