Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Europe Trip: Venice - Montecartini #5

To the romantic Venice today, one of my dream places! Venice checked! ;)

At the port!

While waiting for the cruise to Venice this "Rugged Monalisa" graffiti caught my attention. Lol 

The ladies.

The guys

Woohoo our cruise was docked and we're ready to go!

Loves everything in Venice! They have their unique beauty of Venice! :) 

While waiting for our turn for the Gondola ride. 

Here we go! 
The rides are comfy as there are cushions and blankets provided on the ornately decorated gondola.
We were busy taking good photos instead of really enjoying the views. LOL

Gondola mates and very smart Gondolier at the back. You see all are busying with taking photos. HAHA

Time to hunt for our lunch. 

I love all the food we ordered! All super duper yummy and this was the best Italian cuisine we had so far. 
In Italy, once we entered the restaurant and ordered for food, there's 2 Euros cover charged per person, no matter you eat or not so just eat lah or else not worth to pay for the 2 euros.

Walk around Venice and shop for some souvenirs after that :)

Piazza San Marco
Venetian pigeons and I, and lots of people. 

Of course, before we leave, an ice-cream is a must hehehe
But this one was mediocre as I dont really like it's coarse texture.

and lastly, our group photo before leaving Venice. 


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