Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Europe Trip: Paris! #12

This day was the most exciting day among all these 12 days of my Europe trip!
Yes, Paris one of my dream city and I'm meeting my bf on this day! OMG suuuuper excited and all my friends knew that hehehe Hoooooow long Ive been waiting for the arrival of this day! 

So, bf achieved his sales target and received the free ticket to Paris and so ngam the date he was in Paris matched with mine!! Some more it's the last day of his Paris trip and it's my first day in Paris. So no clashing with his trip with his company! :D
 Ugh, it was a long journey from our last stop to Paris, 6 hours? Forgotten heh more or less la haha 

This is our first stop in Paris! Bateaux Mouches

So each of us get ourselves the boat ticket from our tour guide and off we go! It's an open excursion boats that provide the tourists to view the beautiful scenery of Paris from along the river Seine.

Bf and I was supposed to meet up here, BEFORE I get on the boat but he wasn't there yet. I dont know should I get on the boat or not sooooo hard to make decision that time. LOL SO I left without him aww so sad and you know it's hard to contact as I dont have data and so was him. So we use normal text msgs. AND I've finished ALL the credit I've had left heh. Thanks Kent saved me ALOT as he said that he wanted to finish all the credits he's got. Cause he thought it can't be used over here during the whole Europe trip so the credits he had got inside was more than enough for me to keep contact with my bf. THANKS KENT! LOL

So my bf was there after awhile as he was in heavy traffic just now. Making sure we were at the same place and I just got mood to enjoy the view. 人生地不熟啊~  Lol 

Er ok I missed out alot but I didnt miss the most important one....


Ah~ just like a postcard. 20pence for 1! Lol

CLOSER ONE! Preeeeeeetty! 

But TOO sad we did not make it for the night view :( I heard my friends from other coaches get to see the night view of Eiffel Tower. I told my bf and he kept show me his selfie with the bling bling Eiffel Tower -____-

So the end of the ride I'm so excited to meet up with bf and the first thing I want to do is to hug him but chou zixuan was faster than I AM! HAHA

Nothing much on the first day, after the boat ride then head on for our French dinner.

Goose liver was told to be the best in France but sorry me no fond of it. Heh I like the escargot which taste like... garlic.. and mushy and greasy but I like hahaha

Tour guide recommended, Duck Leg which was mediocre. Nothing much special. 

Thats all for first day in Paris and we're back to hotel after our dinner.

Sigh, tour guide should have make time for the night view.........

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