Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another very boring skool day.
ah, it's not important :)
Yeaah, Yaapin & me go to play badminton with Cheehwa them.
AS i promised him & i never make it..busy this busy that. hahaa

Shenyeow, weihoong, jiaming, weiliang.
"xian yao, wo bu xiang xiao ni e.." :D haha

Cheehwa, Panyen, lornjhinn, Rongjian.
They playing so hard.

we walk to Hayaki cafe, after that (:
Yaapin get shocked by a white pussycat when she trying to keep the money.
She shout-out-loud and scared me! lol

"Aber"then, rush back to home for the Olympic Closing Ceremony ;) Heeh~ Actually, nothing special also. Not what i expected la :D heheh..

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