Friday, August 22, 2008

went to play badminton with them.
This was the 1st time. We dont kno where is the place &
how to entrance! So, phone my friend ask for more information, so embarrased..
I asked Cheehwa we must bring the shuttle cock ourself or we can buy from there..
something like that. I msged him at 4 something. He replied me at 5 something!
We arrived our destination without any shuttle cock. " we oso blur blur forget to prepare "
Luckily, one of my friend's house near the court. No choice, we walked to her house and asked her maid to get the shuttle cock! LOL

Finnaly, we can start to play :D
wooo.. so tired lah. We played for 1 hour.
Now my body still-so-pain :X
thru this can kno that i never exercised for a long long time :P

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