Friday, August 22, 2008

Me and the Birthday girl.
She is really pretty today ;D Hahaa.
Well, here the advance wishes for you 1st.
Happy Birthday!
Her family loved her very much.
She gets what she wants ;) Blessedness little girl.

MissssOh birthday cake :D Specially-custom-made for their dear daughter. Yep, she's a guitarist ;) She thougt me a few simple songs, too! Haha..

Look at her, she is soooo happy! She almost cried out loud! lol :P

Then, it's karaoke time. John is the first start singing. No one dare to sing. hahah
All just so paisei-paisei. lol
That xiao didi oso wan sing.
Snatched the mic from her sister. hahaha.
Take the mic, then dont kno what he singing. I can only see his abundantly expression from his face. Wuahaha xP He so cute !

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