Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy Birthday, uncle John! Yesterday. 08-08-08! XD
One thousand years, one time leh!
& Sorry for the late post :X I was busy watching for the
Live Olympic Opening ceremony! Hehe.
I'm really proud of Chinese! They're really really great.
The ceremony is tremendous! wow, wow.
so... Hi-tech!
Those words moving up and down like the briskly sea,
i thought it is controlled by machine, at first. Yeah, something like that!
Just then i saw something like, human being legs. Haha!
and all of them wave after performing. So funny . :D

Fireworks blazed along the Great Wall and across Beijing!
So nice lah! XD "Our home is the best seat" :D
Seriously, It's quite boring when introducing the Countries. hehee.
so, i go to sleep & missed the show at back. EESH!

0h yea! Happy Birthday, EEMUN ! ;D
may all your dreams come true. [stereotype lah] Heeh xD

Malaysian Olympic Gamers, bring back some medals huh! xD

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