Monday, August 25, 2008

Chemistry! 1st period..
Apabila pengumuman, we were punished again~
Teacher liew came and invited us.. bla bla bla.
Apabila menyanyi lagu Negaraku, we faced our lovely Bendera & sing~
Yeahh , we have experiment for alkalis & acids today!
Mr wong asked us to smell the ammonia gas..
I dont kno how terrible the smell is.. I accidently sniff it too much from the test-tube!
Ewwwww... it's very terrible weird smell lah! *vomit*
Specially thanked to Mr. tan wei hoong =.=''
I forced Yaapin to smell it, si cha bo.. sei oso dowan smell!

Rushing for homeworks whole day in school.
The Biology's, English's, Add-math's, & BM! *sigh*
i never done Bio's homework since April.. how pathetic ;(
& my handwriting as "pretty" as the ruderal. :)
Our add-math teacher is back from sickness! :D
Miss Tan Geok Ban, her hair is shorter now. The new hair-style looks cute on her ;)
Yea yea, her "f(x)" is back. I miss her "f(x), f(x)" ;D Wuahaha!

Alright, gotta go now. I'm hungry- looking for food to eat. Boo-yah!

------Oooh yaaaa, at tuition we saw a "really-cute" 七仔! Hahaha ;D

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