Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yesterday stayed back for the Bakat Chung Hwa. Wuahah xD
Piyi and neng regret for not staying back. Yet, we pleased piyi for a long time.
We went to eat "Ice Kacang" 1st with Liang, Kelvin & Yi ling.
we thought that we cannot entre for the competition as early in the morning,
annouced that only peserta-peserta.
Well, we just cuba-cuba walk in lo. Then, nothing happen also. They dont even care =D Haha
Everybody sing very well. But very very very NOT well for the "Rafflesia". && her gang.

So.. i've really listened to what Ong Popo adviced us today in class.
We really suay lo, "seven morning eight morning", Pn lim ronda classes.
She saw we in Physic lab chit-chatting, some reading newspaper.
Encik Adli at infront only teaching the boys. Then she asked Monitor and bla bla bla.
After that, went back to class. Addmath, Pn lim was there again! Ehhh.. =.='
Saw our class bising-bising again. Like always..
Come in and BLAH BLAH BLAH!

After recess, Ong popo again =.='
She said that:" 我已经忍很久了..."
& then, her "rap" started.
Seriouly, our class really really noisy. Dont even respect the teachers.
Everytime complaint about the teachers. & even Puan Lim said that our class
ONLY better than 4k5 abit. Why they take us compare with them?
"It's okay if we dont have you all" This is what Puan lim said.
Ok lah, we try to be more quite lah.
Yeah, recall for what we have done for this 7 months,
It's really rude.
Respect our teachers and also, respect ourselves. =D

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