Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Durham ♥ Newcastle Quayside!

Today we are going to search for Harry Potter at Durham! hehe! 
Woke up early in the morning and walk to the train station from our hostel. That was quite a distance but I've been walking everyday now so thats not a problem anymore. Lol None of us know how to get to the Newcastle Train Station as Dann was busy that day so she could not come with us. All we had is our mouth and GPS. Asking people around and follow the GPS :)
So we purchase train ticket at the station, railcards holder gets cheaper price. The train then reached in a while and we reached Durham in 30 minutes! Yaaaay!

On the way to the Durham Cathedral! Let's go following Louise at the back! Haha

As we walk down the stairs the breakfast attracted us. Stop awhile for filling up our stomach first hehehe.

Love the simple and cute design here. 

Its small and just two table for four person but its lovely. 

 All Day  Breakfast, which is quite small portion to share for two person. 
But this was just enough for us as we were not that hungry. We had our breakfast earlier. We came in because we were afraid that we would be hungry later and this place offer the price until limited time only. So just makan first and then can continue to walk the whole day! Haha

 Nom nom nom...

 Durham Cathedral here we are! Hello Harry Potter you there?!

Group photo! :D

Performance at the Durham Markets. Those little kids in blue are sooooo adorable! 

Photo with the performers! First time saw Stephy super active in asking for permission to take photo with them. Perhaps missing her school band life eh? HAHAHA 

Back to Newcastle in a while. 

Super artistic photo leh?
 I never know my camera had this function and never play with it before. Hahaha The outcome not bad wad. *proud* LOL

Hungry and went to the restaurant highly recommended by Dann! Her favourite fried chicken in Newcastle, GetStuffed!

 3 pcs fried chicken with chips for 4.50 pounds. 
This is indeed super nice fried chicken, so far the best one I've had in the UK. It's not salty like others we had before in Sheffield. We were soooooo hard to make decision at first as three pieces per person was too much for meini and I. There were no 2 pieces and there are no alacarte. But eventually we finished them too. Cause too nice eah Malaysia's fried chicken much more better compare to the fried chicken over here. I miss Eddley Chicken in Kelantan! The best chicken so far better than KFC but KFC is still nice. hahaha!

But I would go back for the fried chicken in GetStuffed if they were open in Sheffield. hehe

While waiting for the sky goes dark, we went back home for WorldCup Final at 8pm. 
The sky here forever no dark wan. JK :P It turns dark around 9-10pm so we just wait until that time and walk to Quayside to enjoy the beautiful night views. FIRST night view in the UK after soooo long! HAHA

So pretty so pretty!
Ahhhh look at that bridge! Even prettier awwwww

That night was super cold and I didnt bring along my jacket and Im wearing short pants. It was nothing at first but then I missed the rainbow color bridge which idk how long it would come again after it is gone. So I stand aside and wait for it until it appears again... Tick tock tick tock it doesnt appear after 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes...... We've been waiting and waiting for the rainbow lights in THAT SUPER COLD weather. LOL and it finally appeared after 30 minutes!! I guess? Hahaha we were super excited! Lol

Like finally we can go home now. But no, we stayed for more photos. The rainbow lights keep going on for quite a long time. Spam rainbow photos there. hahaha. Noob

See rainbow and we are black. Lol

Group photos again before we leave. Two were missing as they went back because tooooo cold. We die die also wanna wait for rainbow lights. LOL

That was an amazing nights with these fellow. hahaha
Goodbye rainbow bridge! You win. 

We went back to hostel after awhile. And we saw the bridge goes off around 1am. Now we knew the schedule hahaha!

It was Dann's convocation the next day! 
We meet her around 2pm to take photo as we were rushing for 3.30pm bus back to Sheffield. So rush because it was the best time for us and the other time was too late. Her convocation actually starts at 3pm. So we fast fast take some photos with her and ciao! Haha

Once again congratualtion Dann!!!
You look so cute in the gown hahaha!

All the best for you in the future! Good luck Dann! We miss you :D

The end of the Newcastle trip! :)

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