Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Scotland ♥ Glasgow

Last day of our Scotland trip, last station - Glasgow! :)
We packed our stuffs and checked out. Say byebye to the apartment!

No of course we did not bring all our stuffs to the next station as we're returning to Edinburgh for our train back to Sheffield at 8pm. So we left our bags in the locker at Edinburgh Bus Station which cost us 6 pounds for 12 hours. 

Here's the token for our locker. 
There's some accident while we're renting the locker and we're running out of time, to catch the bus. Lol Appreciate the help from the security there so we're able to catch the bus in time! Thanks :D

A little rest in the bus until we reached Glasgow. 
Frankly, I don't really like the visit to Glasgow. TOO BIG macam Pudu in KL. hahaha Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, which is also the 3rd largest city in the UK. (Googled) Yeah largest until we had to walk for 2 hours to the attraction. Cause we dont wanna get on the bus. Lol But we paid for bus, 1.20 pounds for getting back to the City Center. Heeee 

We should have really get on the bus at first as it took only 5-10 minutes and we walked for friggin 2 hours. LOL Perhaps we walked the wrong way idk lah cause we just followed the GoogleMaps.

What is this I've no idea what is that too. Walk so far to Glasgow Green must take a photo 交待下...

So this Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum where we used 1 hour plus walk from the city center. Heard people said very famous must go so we just walked there. LOL
and super no mood to walk to other places ady plus running out of time ahh, we went back to city center after that as we have to catch up the 5pm bus back to Edinburgh. Mana still got time? Lol

So we all sat down and selfie selfie.

Hello and Bye Glasgow.

Back to Edinburgh and we still got time for our dinner.

Bella Italia Restaurant! Oh this one I highly recommend lah cause too nice ady.


We ordered 3 dishes for sharing. Marco Polo Pizza is the best! :D
At least something cheer me up for the day. NICE FOOD is super important okay! Hehe

Thats all for our Scotland trip. 
There were numbers of funny accidents happened throughout the journey, we learned from it and never make it happen again, I hope. Lol But that was still a superb experience trip with friends! 
Scotland trip succeed! ^^V


Happy walker said...

i wanted to go Scotland last time but not enuff $$

Zhiyee said...

Dont worry you'll always have the next time! :D