Friday, January 08, 2010

Great night :)

Spent the night with my sis, yeongfeng(who always addressed me as Keroro =.=''), shangqian and kaykay! wooo~!
They would definitely find my sister whenever she was back in KB :)

They came to house at 1st, around 5pm.
We were playing ps2, with the dancing pad. Jump jump jump! Damn hot lor!
& now my legs started getting pain =.='' Like last time when kay and I played.
Sorry lor, me seldom do exercise de, a lazy asssss!

My mom does not cook, so I followed them to have dinner at Kulim restaurant :)
& yeongfeng very funny lor =.='' When wan make a U-turn, he never noticed the motorcyclist..
when U-turning, the motor came towards us..
YF, "Wah.. motor hen kuai motor hen kuai!" with the not-so-kin-chiong tone.
at this kind of situation should be quite nervous right ? haha.. For me, it is!

Ah, forget it. Later on, we headed to PCB!
haha! We went there to enjoy the big big and cold cold wind. hahaha
Sit on the stone for sometimes before we have our supper.
& took alot of pictures with shangqian's phone with the dazzling bright camera light...
its the only phone that could take a clear picture in the dark among us :)
took alot of photos cuhs we yeongfeng cant snap a good picture!
There is always a missing person/ half face . LOL

After starring the stars in the sky sitting on the stone, we went to the stall to have our supper.
Home sweet home after the supper :D

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