Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weiliang's Birthday!

Went to Weiliang's early birthday (19th Jan is the day) party yesterday night at Ban Kok Restaurant :D
It's great party! Nice friends gathering two!! :D

Photos with Yaapin. Would upload them when she sent me :)

I miss you guys lots!
No doubts ;) I mean it!
Miss the moments we laughed together, kenak teachers together (this is bad! but not that bad :P the teachers were not angry so it's not bad.), dont handed in the homeworks together, saying each other, doing stupid things together, get crazy together, get punished together, skipped
skool together and much much more! :D I really miss those time! :)

Ah, I remember the most stupid things we've did in form1! hahaha.
It's so dam funny! Hmm... friends who were in the same class with me should know! bwahaha....
Not available to post it up here, it's god dam stupid & funny! But that time was the best childhood memories ever!! hahah!

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