Thursday, August 26, 2010


Update this post especially for my babe. I kno I'm so sweeeeet! xP

Rightttt, we are having Final for semester 1 now! 4 more to go and off we go! ;D
FYI, tmr is English paper thats why I'm slacking around right now to update my blog! :P
I slacked for the whole day actually :X Went to Nice Cafe for ME revision.. But ya kno, talk more than read. Thats what we always do. 死性不改~ :P I prefer to study alone. Facing those girls cannot concentrate one~ haha!

It has been a looooong time I dont have this kind of feeling after the SPM exam.
Stress + agonize D:
And accounting is the most headachy subject! Help meeee!!
SCI SFP blah blah blah!
I cant completely understand what are them! Accounting is killing me!
I seriously need help in accounting!!

Whatever , off to bed now.
Everything will be ALL-right! ;))
(Positive thinking is important)

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meiNi said...

omggg. it's damn sweet lo !! LOL xp
yalorrr study alone is better ! hahaha
we just cant stop talking xp