Monday, August 16, 2010

The scums on the earth!

I've just read a news about teen couple dumping their new born baby.
This is sad! omg what the hell is going on?
If you dont want a baby then dont do it in the beginning, or play safe then!
What for carrying a big stomach for 10 months? Suffer for 10 months?
"I dont kno it was a baby inside my stomach, I thought that I'm growing fat!"
I'm just saying.. heee
Well, this dont make any sense right?
You could just abort the baby before she is formed. ( Altho I strongly disagree any of the ladies to do that )
Abortion is dangerous and this is bloody merciless. It is dreadful to the tiny little one in mother's womb who is full of expectation to be brought into the world.

What for bringing her to the world and dumped her? She grows up without knowing who the hell is her parents. This is pathetic! I would never want to kno who are they if I'm the baby!

Think and think and think before you do anything people!
This is not a game! :)

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