Sunday, August 08, 2010

Long time no see x)

Met up my long time no see's best friends at Timesquare xD
Yeah, It has been a really long time! Unlike the past years, we were always stick together to everywhere, anywhere. Awww, I miss those times!

Karaoke at Greenbox.
Seriously, we've never been to Karaoke together before.
Kelantan dont have an licenced Karaoke okeeeh? Our only entertainment is yamcha yamcha, and still yamcha. haha!

The normal smile :D

Still normal smile ;D

And here come the ABNORMAL one.
LOL to the max! The 1st and the 2nd is the most classic one!
Champion of the day! Hahahahh!

Photos credited to Piyi.

Yeaaaah, Blue and Sonia were here! xD
Finally I could see them in real!! This feel sooo goooood! hahaha!

OMG Blue & Sonia!!

They are much more handsome & pretty in real !! xD

Blue is humor & cute lah! haha
Sonia is my 女神! She is sooooo gorgeous! xD

Yaapin!! You are so lucky!
"好啦, 穿腰带的那个女生!" xD hahaha.
Spot her, (the right one) she is as tall as Sonia!

Photos credited to Piyi & Yaapin.

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