Saturday, August 07, 2010


Finally, here comes our HE's presentation.
We are the last group, group 4 :)
& also the suay group.
Guess what? We did not get the cable to connect to an overhead projector.
Our tutor told us that it's already fully booked! We were like, " ???? " Full of question marks, speechless. How can this happen to us?! (In fact it happened =.=)
But we still did well for our presentation I guesss ;)

Thanks Suting, the camera girl :)
Took some group photos before the class start.
DEM Group 5.

And this is how we presented. haha!

After the presentation.
Our tutor & the group members.
He is so fit uh. hahah

Louise, Joevy, Me & Amelie.

Dann & me! I'm taller! XP

Amelie, sometimes she acts like our motha. hahaa xD

Joevy lenglui ;)

PeakHui, she looks like Linda Chung in some kind of way. hahaa

38 Louise! xP
My group members :D

Stephy, our class rep :)

Mini Meini :D

Dann, Me, Suting, Louise :D

Group 5 女生, 你们可以不要吵架吗? :P

Change location to take photos! Hahaha xD
Hmmm, those are not enough for us ;P


Here are our personal photos!
That would be much more better if we had a DSLR camera ;)

Dann, she claims that she is cute in this picture! xD haha

Me, still so sweet xP wuahahaha!

Meini, aww so cute ;D

Amelie, posing huh :)

Joevy the sweety :)

Louise, what a yeng pose! She caught the angle herself. hahaa

Peakhui, looks like Linda Chung huh? :)

& the only guy who always mix with us.
Zixuan the meow.

I enjoy my college life so far :)
Final exam is around the corner, all the best to you all! :D

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