Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Neng's Birthday Celebration xD

Had Neng's birthday celebration @ Happy Seasons Restaurant,
Opposite the Wangsa Walk Mall :)

Our Queen of the day & the Autumn plant! xD
Neng the Merdeka Baby! :D

Ham Sandwiches with Fries @ Rm7.90
Hmm... Sandwiches lor! :P

We ordered Dinner set for the night.
6 dishes @ Rm49.90 :))

Mongolia Chicken.

Onion Egg in case you dont kno what it that :X


Seasons Fried Chicken.
Hmmph! This one should be the Fried Squid, but sold out!
So we replaced it with the fried chickens.
We claimed that today is our Queen's birthday & ordered him to make a BIG one! hahaha xD
Hmm.. the chickens tasted a bit weird :/

And Butter Prawn babehhh! xD
I like this the most!
Very the butter! hahaha xP

All the dishes are delicious indeed :)

Tadaadaaa~ The cake appeared~~!

Make a wish, make a wish!
"Gimme 3 more wishes!" xD
See she laughed until so happy wor! hahaha!

Candles blowing time!
Too bad, we din prepare the magic candles!
It would be perfect with the magic candles! xD hehehe

Photos taking session! :D

Saw & Neng.

Dai lou Hwa.

Weihoong. Thanks for the cake! :D

The cute one & the birthday girl~!
Group photos. *Kaaa-chaaa*

We shifted table after that. hahaha
wanna a nicer background :P

Once again, Happy 18th Birthday!!
Getting older and older d xP

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