Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy birthday Zixuan aka Mr. meow.

It's ur big day today Mr. meow meow Zixuan. hahah
Hmm, why I addressed him as Mr. meow? Well, it's simple.
He just likes to meow here and there. You can heard it anytime. haha xP

Happy Birthday!!

Had a small celebration for him at Pizza Hut.

We purposely bought the party hat for the birthday boy!
And its a must for him to put it on! xD

Stephy laugh until so happy! haha..
Obviously, she's laughing at the party hat.

Hehehe! Tadaaaa! Mr. Chia is forced to put it on xP

Stephy, Dann, Amelie & Meini.

Meini, Joevy, Me & the birthday boy!
(He is so lucky can! ) hahah

Birthday Cake! Warmest Chocolate cake.
It tastes nice btw :)

Make a wish, make a wish! :D

"I want this, I want this!"
Everyone wants the tiny pieces of cake which are the decorations of the cake..

And, here it goes~~ Mmmmm, yummy ;D
(Of course yummy lah! We choose one ah! xP)

Group photos.

"子轩, 你很幸福咯! " xP
( your chinese name should be like this huh? if im not mistaken. heh )

Of course, took some photos before we left ;)

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