Friday, August 27, 2010

Get the hell out of this earth, SOBerry!

English Paper today, one of the most easier subject among all the papers. (As for now) 3 more to go!

Joevy picked up Amelie & I to college early in the morning :)
So I got up reeeeaaal early this morning. (Much more earlier than the other days :P)
Thaankks a lot :D This made easier for us, no need to squeeze like sardines at the Bus stop.

We purposely made it so early, so Joevy could get a nice parking place and we could do last revision talk before entering the exam hall :) While we're discussing for some stuffs, Peakhui called me.
I thought she would just asking us where are we like usual. But then, she told me that she could not attend the exam. I was shocked... I even more shock when I knew the reason.

She had been robbed by a malay! OMG.
Luckily she was not injured. The robber took all her stuffs including her examination slip!
Thats why she said that she is not able to attend the exam.. We were all so worried about her but we cannot do anything :(

I still could barely heard that she is crying through the phone.

So be very careful wherever you go people :)
Criminals are everywhere.

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