Thursday, August 05, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday ;)

Went to Sungei Wang with my 38 coursemates.
Planned to Cheong K long time ago but could not make it, & finally the day is here :D haha!
Only a few of us make it and had lots of fun ;) Stephy joined us this time. wheee~

See our lil Meini is singing :D

Stephy & Joevy.

Meini & me :)

The girls of the day.
Hmm, we just like to take photos where there is a reflection :)
After we sang for 3 hours, (seriously, it's not enough for us.) *teehee*\
Walked to Timesquare to get some free drinks ;P
Thanks to Joevy's friend who worked at Starbucks cafe, his name is Michael if I'm not mistaken.
Free drinks, Starbucks somemore! hahah xD

Me & the Green Tea Latte. *slurrrrp*

Amelie ordered Chocolate Cream chip? I guess Im right huh.

Our Minnie & her drink. Forgot what hot drink she ordered ady lah.

Joevy & Me

Stephy could not get home late, so we 'pit' around 8pm.
If not, Amelie would not willing to go home at the time like this! :P hahah
Naaah, after sent Stephy arrived her house safely, we went for dinner @ tak fuk Resaturant :D

We arrived there around 10pm. Very good uh, had dinner at 10pm. hahah..

Took some photos while waiting for the mouth watering foooood.
I am right now. *drooling*

Me on Joevy's new bought spec. Omg, I look so sweet! hahahahaa
Just ignore me xP

Meini on the pink spec! Hmmm, cute also lah! hahaha xP

"Leng liao la Leng liao la... 照爆镜" lalalaa~

Amelie.. 辛苦你了. hehehe

Tadaaaa! Our foods are served! Mmmm...
Dont see it's just vegetables! It's taste so good! xD hahah

Hah!! CRABS!! Omg crabs are nice especially the crabs here! xD
This is the reason why we die die also wan to have our dinner at Tak Fuk Restaurant!
"It tastes so nice Im gonna daiii ! "
It is not just taufu! It looks simple but its a very special taufu ;D hahaha
But it still taste like Taufu :P

Err this is what their waiter recommended us to order.
She claims that, that is their 招牌鸡.
So we make the order.
Well, it's just a chicken anyway. Slightly cripsed chicken.

Awww, we were all bloated and I'm so fullfilled! xP
I'm craving for crabs for such a long time & finally I had it! ;)

Alright, stop here.
My presentation tomorrow, good luck group mates!


meiNi said...

yyerrrr said yourself sweet. yer yer yer hahaha okieee la. i agreed hahaha you really look sweet in that pic !! LOLL

and what CUTE ALSO wen u commented bout my pic? sound so 勉强!! haha

Zy said...

hahahaha! U should be happy I said like that! xP