Sunday, January 04, 2009

The first day of skool.

Wow. Today is the earliest day ever I arrived skool. Cuhs wanna book place and go for breakfast some more :D I missed the breakfast! haha! It's the 1st day and we are so hardworking for copying the undone Holiday's work! xD But, it's not a good day at all. I've cut my hair just last week! & today the wavy hair Ong Poh Poh said, "Ni Bu Guai..." *shaking her head* I was like, "W-H-A-T?!" So short dy wei.. Ugh!

Oh ya, not only Ong Poh Poh waved her hair, and also the TanBA.
She saw three of us (Piyi, Neng, & me) at canteen, and touched our arm (we not very 'shou' ler) like... ah, dont know how to say, and said, "Happy New Year~~~"
Cause there's only 3 of us as Yaapin went to throw rubbish, and she asked, "Where the other sister?"
Then, yaapin came. She then said, "Waaa..teacher, your hair so nice ah?" hahah! TBA sure very suang lor.. lol xP

And, why must we study 1 more hour (for Bio)! I must complain this. We must stay until 3! T.T I will be goddam hungry! Plus, no mood to listen what teacher's teaching. Ugh! Would this fixed for whole year? (No pleaseee!)

Alright, go copy hw 1st! :P

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