Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wheee! Syiok ah.. Just back from Bear's sipe big plus beautiful house! :P
Alright, today's schedule. I went to Billion to wait for Piyi as she asked to. I saw no one at first at the entrance, but then my mom said "Tuh, shen yeow walked in ady." Then I get down the car and meet him. So, we just waited for Piyi's car then head on to Kammeng's House :D

It's really fun at Mr. Wong km house. He's unlike at school so serious so harsh. He's cute leh! XD shaking shaking his leg. hahaha! When we stepped into his house, we shocked! Cuhs it's so.... clear. haha! Only 3 sofas and a tea-table. So cleeeeeean! & He gave us a lot of food to eat! Also, 2003 red wine. He said his house no sky juice but only wine! lol

Mr. Wong Living Room. Yea, so kosong.

Yay us!

Dining room. He got many rooms. Say wan privacy :) Right, right ?


Alright, after that went to Jiaming's house for lunch again. Piyi & I almost finish all the chicken wings :P Nice u know~~ Then gamble awhile before Piyi's mom come and get us to the next location. (That's the problem without car liscence!)

We went to Neng's house 1st. Start gambling again! Went to lj's house after that, followed by shen yeow's. Then our last location, Bear's house :D Damn big leh! We sing karaoke till very syiok.. Especially Chang Hui Mei's "San Tian San Ye". Like crazy =.=' Eat a lot of Pizzas too! XD wuahahah! It will be much better if Yaapin is there too :D

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