Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yes! Finished 3 papers today!
English 1 & 2. And Mathematics 1~! Wheeee.. :D
19 more papers to go.. =.=!

Today our skool is so kosong.
The whole building , only our class 4Sc5 got people when ready to sing Negaraku ~LOL
It's empty for form3 and form5 corridor! So quite seh..
Form 5 students have a week holidays for them to prepare for SPM.
Form 3 students have a day off as their PMR is tomorrow.
#All the best for form 3 students who took part in PMR examinations! :)

After skool, go to Jingsi to study. Actually not really study at there,
But at least i do learn something! Revision for my add-maths.
Remit to Teacher Oie :D

Talk talk talk, Study study study.. Our stomach growling. Hungry lei~~
Then, at 6.3opm. We have Chicken Chop for our dinner at Pantai Timur there :D
It's really tasty leh! *I never went there before eh.* :P
& It cost Rm10! Wasehh...
We talk about after exam what we wanted to do! LOL.
Only finsihed 3 papers leh wei~~ hahahaa.
But it was really fun :D We think tooo toooooo far already! *Laugh*
Went back home at 9. Study for awhile more. Then audition with friends.
All of us were in uniform~~
ViRus kept on saying i trying to steal his bag. [Hanging behind at his left arm]
When he & I chase for 1st place as our score was so close! xD
Anyhow, All the best for myself too! :)
Good luck for tmr BM paper~! *Cheers*

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