Thursday, October 02, 2008

Holidays ending soooooon!
What i've done for this one whole boring week?
I should be studying or revising for impending year-end exam.
Yes, should...

My sister came back from KL and i have no impetus for studying.
"That's just a console for myself."
They fluctuated me easily, and i'll always been fluctuated!
I've no idea why i cant concentrate on my study :(
Teach me teach me! *remorsed*
I wish i could smash my computer set. I just wished to.
But, how could I?! Without them i will die okay? *exaggerated* Heeh :)
I dont kno, i just cant get a hank over myself :(
I do read story books, but no idea why i dont study for exam.
"Mei Xing Qu baaa" :X

So, my sister was back already..
& i freaking miss her! :D
Okay okay, i'll try to concentrate myself *reluctantly*

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