Saturday, October 04, 2008

At least today not so boring, dang.
Went to the Singing Competition Final :D
We got the VIP ticket :) Which Mr. Tan gave us.
As, he is going to KL the day before.
If he dont give me the ticket, maybe i wont attend ;X
Weheheh.. Thanks :)
Yong & Kay tell me that they wanted to go abruptly.
Asked me help them buy the ticket at the locale.
*Bought the normal ticket, not the VIP*
But then, i asked them to sit with us at the VIPs ;)
Phew, we sit until it ended! :D
Curious who will get 1st place! -& Selina got it.
Congratulation to Selina! Interesting to listen to her fair-sounding voice! :)

After all, these top 10 not bad at all :)
The girl who won the 3rd place was the smallest among them.
& for me, she is the most good-looking one ;) Heeh~!
Also, she won the 最佳人气奖! :D
Seriously, the 1st bout is quite tedious ;P

Well, they already have their own album! So cool~
"I want one too ! :)" *Just kidding*
I love the song they sing together..
Its.. err... unfathomable lah! :P *Grimaced*

Oh 0kay, it's quite late now :)

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