Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday cute Chee hwa! :D
He's going to immigrant to Penang :(
We'll miss you. Keep in touch, babe :)

Invited to his party...
Piyi & neng play the Underground at PS2.
I thought piyi will won the game, yet she is still first place so far.
But, surprisingly Neng finish the game 1st. Hahah
Then, yaapin & my turn to play :D
Hah, guess who win? Sure me lah! ;P
It's predictable! wahahahaha!

Finally, started to eat :D TeeHee*
I waited for a long time weh~ lol

After eating,
We watch the video that his dad just finish record.
Cuhs his father asked him to try whether working or not.
So many funny scene, Lol.
& all of us just keep on laughing.
I'm bloated now, eat too many xD hahaha
and also, thanks neng for helping me peel off the egg :D
with her back of the hand. Until it looks like she banged the wall and "bleeding".


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