Saturday, October 18, 2008

0kay, 3 more days to go.
This year-end exam is not yet over.
But, this weekends i thought that i will study.
Pathetic, not even paged them.
Annoying lah! :(
Add-maths2 & Physic paper 2 tomorrow.
*Pray pray* :)

Yes, about my cellphone.
It's still not working. I insert the SIM card, the battery & the memory card.
But when i boot-strap my phone, it goes twinkling twinkling *Nik nak nik nak*~ O-o
Ish! & i'm using my dad's old Motorola, before my sis used it when her cellphone in hospital.
Now me lo~ lols. That's a spare cellphone for our family members when cellphone get injured.

& I'm thinking to buy a new cellphone :)--\---<

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