Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ahhh! Today's Add-math paper is killing me !
When i opened the 1st page, see the 1st question~
Ahh.. easy one. That's many-to-one relation~ :P
But then, going down and turn the next page,
"Sh*t..What is this question?!" Keep on turning the next page.
I go on,trying to find for the question i kno~ I tried to find, i really tried!
I never see those question before lah!
Die leh, seriously, i just kno how to do a few question!
i left 10+ question blank. I do tried to write something on it,
but dont kno where to start! Dangg. --No time for me to sleep.

Yes, my sense tell me that i'm going to fail add-math! ;(
Well, tmr is Sejaraaaaaah! -& maths paper 2.
I'm dying i'm dying i'm dying i'm dying~~~

Neng:" 做么我们要学名句 e..? 我们买苹果的时候要跟他讲名句哦!?"
Piyi: "1 red apple & 1 green apple, 不分青红皂白!可是我要青色的."
We :" *LOL!*"

This conversation suddenly emerge in my mind :D
Wahaha! I do really agreed. Why must we learn ? xP LOL

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