Friday, October 17, 2008

I have a very nice sleep yesterday night.
& i make a dream, a weird yet breathtaking dream.
Not a nightmare tough.
It's quite, absurd... * i dont kno what's going on & what had happened to make these happened.

0kay, I went into a ghost-like house.
& the game started. I must find out my friend which were hiding.
Without let the soul catch me. There's 5 soul in the game.
& every pathway I passed by may come out a soul suddenly.
I must find out all my friend before the soul come for me.
I run & run, trying to find them. Heartbeating getting faster and faster.
The first pathway i passed, come out a soul.. coming towards me.
& I'm labyrinth. 0h my, keep on running, i know i'm impending demise.
More and more soul come for me.
Yes, i failed.
I've been caught by the soul.. T.T
Then, the next girl is the finder.
I hidden at somewhere. -Cant let the soul saw us before she do-
She is over frustrated. Barely breathe. She was just beside my hidden place that time.
But she never noticed me. Then the soul caught her.
She then fainted & its a game over for her as she is not the first time playing like me.
& her body vaporized. Gone, nothing.

The game continue. I'm the one who control the curses as the Leader of this game asked me to.
I lie on a big blank drawer which loaded the corpse. & One of my friends also.
"The Dr. M mouth is to startup the curse." I frowned as i dont kno what he mean.
0kay, the game then started with the newbies.
They passed by me and i dont kno how to reactive the curses yet the Leader just told me that "The Dr.M mouth ....."
Then the Leader shouted loudly"C U R S E S!" =.='
But i still dont kno how to reactive it! Then he knock at Dr. M mouth twice. Just then, the soul come out.

Later on, i dont kno what had happened. Then a big gang of people come with outraged brow.
Both of thier hand holding a big stick with fire on it.
They then throw it in the room.
What we do? Run lah!
My friends hold my hand & i holding a little cute girl's hand. -i dont know where she come from-
The leader also run for life.
We run for it through the backyard. But, the tree-tree and grass-grass also get fire.
Then all of us jump of the gate -which not yet caught by fire-
& keep on running! Oh my, wolfhounds "waiting for us" , growling..
RUN~! Dont care the wolfhounds. We run faster than the wolfhounds!
Lastly, we safely arrived at someone Toy Shop.
But, where is the Leader? I asked curiously to my friend.
"He wants to camp at the forest."
HUH?! Camp ?!

---& the end.
I wake up & the weird & unfathomable dream is ended...
So.. adventurous? duh...

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