Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Something really bugging me a lot! I'm remorse, I would not recommit it.

I'm tired.
Played badminton from 3pm to 5pm.
So many peoples today! Whooo..
When the time is 5 soon, we played 4 to 4.
Lol that's funny. Everybody "cincai come".

We went to Hayaki for early dinner later on.
My mom fetched us to tuition place.
& we were all very very tired all the time.
Teacher told us the story about the Amazon.
It's quite interesting tough. But a little bit, nausea & terrible for me.
It's too bad for the undergraduates entreat the cannibals..
& the cannibals take revenged to them! gosh..

I want to see the ghost pictures took by the science lecturer!
Which my teacher told us that it's freaking evil.

Yuhooo! My new cellphone :D hahah
Thanks dad & mom! xD

Skip skool tomorrow! Hehee :P

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