Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Think of others feeling, see what kind of situation, & don't say the word you must not!"

I'm bloody moody now.
I suppose to feel very happy yet exam is finished!
& I'm really exhausted.
No mood to talk about how is the exam for today.
--I know you don't want to know too :) *lol*

Yes, i bloody hate those teachers!
My hair had been cut by the ***** again!
F*k - Sorry, i cant anyhow control myself =.='
This is shorter than before they cut!
& i don't know why, i cried. "Eh, quite embarrassing eh!"
Oh my god, i cried! Awww man!
I hate someone just said something that really hurts me in this situation!
I hope the person realize that! and you must!
Our school is so outdated, student's hair - Parallel . Damn....
Why don't you, teachers go cut the parallel hair style ?!
This is our hair not yours, you suppose don't have the potency to cut our hair!
This is just having a finger in the pie! -Dang
Well, maybe our school out of money ? Need earn them by cutting our hair, RM5 per person. Still, so j.u.n.g! -lui bin*
Cutting people hair very happy ah ? laugh laugh laugh.
I heard a very superstitious saying, who ever cut someone hair will ephemeral.
I don't know, i also listen this from someone. *

I'm bloody angry! At least told us before mah!
Although my friend told me this, not you teachers~~ *Emphasized*
Thanks to my parents, they laughed at my hair. lol
& i canceled to trim my hair at salon. Let it be parallel. GAH*

How many "Bloody" i mentioned ? :D lol
Well, it's much better after i expressed my feeling :)

----- Don't be too arrogant, baby.

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